The Social Services program prioritizes access to public assistance with the goal of improving daily basic needs in the aging and disabled community.

The purpose of this program is to uplift social and economic prospects for under resourced families, seniors, and those with disabilities from poverty.

Eastmont Community Center achieves these important goals by way of:

Emergency Food/Meals
Transportation Services
Healthcare/Medical Services
Economic/Financial Stability

Eastmont Community Center serves the Unincorporated Area Population:

Latinos make up 90% of clients seeking public assistance

81% of clients live below the poverty line of $13,590

Aging clients 55-96 year old’s are supported daily with food, housing, transportation, and financial resources

80% of clients access social services for upward social and economic mobility

Eastmont Community Center improved the lives of 85% Families, 91% seniors, 44% Children

Annually ECC impacts 5,000 clients lives each year

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