Community Garden

Community Gardens enrich and provide lasting benefits to neighborhoods. The Eastmont Community garden is a private and safe space shared with Eastmont neighbors in order to harvest fruits, vegetables, and plants. The garden is developed and maintained by the local community and cared for by the Center. Individuals of all income levels, race, ethnicities, and sexual orientation are welcome to join. Meeting surging demand for food through our community garden.

Managed by a Community Advisory group to establish a sense of community

Organic products donated to Eastmont’s Food Pantry which are giving to the community

Increases healthy food options for community members

Culture of self-sustainability


Each garden member has access to the private garden Monday through Sunday to provide them flexibility in managing their plots. Visitors are welcomed to view the garden by appointment, Monday-Friday during business hours. 



Must live in or near the Eastmont community


Interested in enrolling, donating and becoming our partner?


Brissa Sanchez
(323) 312-5392

Outreach and Education

Access to much needed information and support to public resources and benefits is a fundamental principle within Eastmont’s programs. In collaboration with LA County, private and non-profit agencies, Eastmont Community Center is committed to providing reliable and safe information that is in the public interest. Eastmont’s community “promotoras” and staff are well verse in health, legal, economic, and immigration services offered throughout LA County. In collaboration with key partners, access to this information is provided as a method to improve the residents overall well-being. 

Helping those who cannot advocate for themselves

Community engagement

Resolving structural problems in accessing services

Transparent public education

Interested in donating and becoming our partner?


Brissa Sanchez
(323) 312-5392