The Difference We Make

Eastmont’s Volunteer of the Month

Laura Ramirez – Dean of Academic Affairs at East Los Angeles College

Laura Ramirez has volunteered countless hours at Eastmont Community Center since 1996. As a committed parent, Laura began at Eastmont by enrolling her children in our after-school program, Academia del Pueblo, and blossomed into an inspiring woman in our community. Laura has contributed to the success of Academia not only by volunteering as a chaperon during field trips, but also by providing student volunteers from East Los Angeles College to volunteer their time and assist Academia staff. As an employee at ELAC, Laura encourages our community youth and parents by offering her services to assist in continuing their education and creating academic goals. Because of her devotion to a better future, many members of our community have proudly attended college in pursuit of a higher educational degree.

As a proud woman, Laura contributes to Eastmontís all womem aerobics program by motivating the women of our community to improve their health and be positive role models for their children. Laura has been a great helping hand during our fundraisers. Without having to think twice, Laura is the first to help organize events and encourage our community to participate in raising funds to support Eastmontís programs.

Laura has not only become a close friend to our community, she has also been an amazing influence to our women as a working mother of three, a dedicated masterís degree student, and a strong wiled woman who promotes education, health, and happiness in our community.

After 15 years of selfless contribution to Eastmont, we are more than proud to announce Laura E. Ramirez as our woman of the year for the 2011 Congressional Certificate of Merit Award and Eastmontís Volunteer of the Month.