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Eastmont Community Center was founded in 1967 in collaboration with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to enhance the quality of life for children, youth, working adults and seniors in low-income families by providing needed education, social services, and health and wellness services that promote personal development and self-sufficiency.

In addition to providing emergency services such as food and clothing, housing, and job search counseling, Eastmont also offers child development services, educational programs for youth, English-as-a Second-Language and Citizenship classes, adult literacy programs and senior services which include hot meals and low-impact exercise activity.

A Short History of Eastmont Community Center

In 1967, the members of the Disciples of Christ Church and the community leaders who were concerned about the impact of the “urban crisis” in the Eastmont area of Los Angeles County established the Eastmont Community Center, a community based organization, to provide human, social and educational services to the residents of East Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

The Center began operation by offering training in commercial printing and organized a program of teen activities in what had been the Eastmont Christian Church. Within a few years, the Center had become “home” to local residents and their children seeking productive and creative activities during after school hours.

Eastmont Neighborhood parents soon organized one of the early Head Start Centers of East Los Angeles at the Center and started a successful fund-raising program to purchase lot for a new playground and build new instructional classrooms for the growing organization.

The Center had become the site of a federally sponsored Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) that annually places 400 senior citizens volunteers in local social services agencies. In addition, the Center now offers classes in English as a Second Language, Spanish Literacy, Cooking, Sewing, Dance, Yoga, Crafts, a computer lab and other adult education classes.

In 2004, The California Endowment launched an initiative to build the capacity of numerous organizations in East Los Angeles to increase the resources available to the traditionally underserved community. The Center was selected to participate in the initiative. We have now completed the planning process with their consultant and are starting our first attempts toward an organized and expanded development program.

The solution to the Center’s ability to deliver enhanced services is to develop partnerships with private foundations and the corporate community. Dependence upon public funding, beyond the start-up level, is not prudent in these times of high demand and low resources.

In 2006, The Board of Directors of the Center commenced an organized development campaign designed to encourage local corporations and foundations to become key partners in assisting the Center in maintaining and enhancing the services offered to the East Los Angeles Community. The Center’s credentials for creating and properly managing its resources over the past 40+ years have been documented in the certified audits that have been conducted on the organization. The staff has been relatively stable and the awareness of the community of the free services offered by the Center has progressively increased over the past four (4) decades.

Today the Eastmont story continues as every day 250 people [5000 families a year] come from all over the East Los Angeles community and surrounding areas for assistance in making their dreams for personal growth, learning, and community-building a reality.